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Windows & Doors

Windows and Doors

Looking for new Windows and Doors?

  • Improve the look of your home
  • Energy efficiency
  • Increase resale value of your home
  • Low maintenance options
  • Many custom designs available


Winter Comfort

It’s been proven through independent studies and real-world application that replacing your old drafty windows, especially those that are single pane can improve your home’s ability to sustain a warmer interior by as much as 50%. Today’s Energy Star rated windows are made with cutting-edge technology that combines energy-efficient frames with high-performance glass packages. Would you like to have a warm and comfortable home this winter?


Summer Comfort

Often over-shadowed by their ability to keep the house warm in the winter time, Energy Star rated windows also offer very tangible benefits against the sun during the hot summer months. Yes we know hot summers are short in southern Ontario, but when it does get warm here, it can be uncomfortably hot in your home. And for those warm days, most of us don’t have the benefit of air conditioning. High performing replacement windows can reduce the level of solar heat gain into your home by as much as 50%. Imagine a nice, cool, and comfortable temperature in your home when it’s 80 degrees outside.


Low Maintenance

Vinyl window, and door products are designed with low-maintenance in mind. For instance, vinyl frames will never have to be painted, and fibreglass frames are inherently stable so their factory paint stays on for a lifetime. In addition, many of the hardware systems for windows and doors are made of durable, die-cast zinc or stainless steel material that go through thousands upon thousands of cycle-tests to ensure they will hold up in your home.


Windows and Doors

We offer a complete line of entrance systems and window designs. Our windows and doors are top-quality products with lifetime guarantees.

Just as important as the quality of a windows or door is the quality of the installation by ensuring that adequate insulation is being installed with the product. Our interior trim work is professionally installed and the exterior capping work is weather tight with attention paid to the aesthetics of the finished products. Some of our latest features include:

  • Wood grain exteriors
  • Various types of grills
  • Self-cleaning windows
  • Tinted windows


Our estimators would be happy to discuss these options with you.